Sunday, 26 June 2011

NEW colours of twisted handle paper carrier bags

We have introduced 3 new colours of paper carrier bags with twisted handles to our range. The new fuchsia and chocolate paper carrier bags have white twisted paper handles, and are available in 3 useful sizes 180mm, 220mm and the 320mm. Our sunfloweryellow paper carrier bags also have white twisted paper handles, however they are only available in the 220mm and 320mm sizes. The new paper carrier bags are available as printed bags from as few as just 1 box . Our standard lead time on printed paper carrier bags is within 2 weeks based on a simple 1 colour design, multi coloured or complex designs are produced before the paper is converted, minimum 3000 bags based on a lead time of approx 8 weeks.

For more information or samples, please contact our sales team on 02476 473647 or email

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